Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking the stress out of printing in CreComm

I was going to write about the topic of this blog post a few weeks ago, but it slipped my mind.  So, I am going to write about it now.

The last assignment that I had printed was the sponsorship package.  Printing assignments has been am important task this past year.  There were many assignments due this year that we needed to have professionally printed in order to hand in.  When I first started printing in CreComm I went to a chain store, however I was always disappointed.  They never seemed to really know what they were doing and they often could not do what I asked them to do.  That all changed around December of last year when someone suggested getting my stuff printed at UPS on River Avenue.  That was some of the best CreComm advice I could get.

Iain at this UPS store is absolutely amazing.  And I know for a fact that many other CreComms went to him as well.  He always knew exactly what to do and could always print whatever I needed on whatever size of paper.  I could also simply email him my document with directions and he produced exactly what I wanted.  I was always really happy with my print jobs from there and he came to my rescue on last minute printing a few times.

So all in all, to anyone reading this, if you ever need printing done, go to UPS on River Ave.  Iain is a man who knows his printing and you will not be disappointed!

* photo taken from Google

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